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SSPT tries to stay on the leading edge of rehabilitative care. This allows for the most beneficial treatment possible while keeping the rehab experience anything but boring. With the addition of our Nintendo Wii/Wii fit SSPT continues to strive to offer the best therapy for each patient.

Most people see video games as just entertainment or a way to exercise your brain. However, the Nintendo Wii seems to be bringing video games to the next level, actually putting the "FUN" in functional! The new video game that was released in fall of 2006 incorporates functional movements into each game. It allows you to perform the motions and activities of each game through a wireless remote. In turn this allows people of all ages undergoing rehab to have a little fun during therapy sessions.

Here at SSPT, we have started to institute Wii hab into our patients' therapy regimes, using it to help achieve range of motion, strength, and improve balance. Diagnoses vary from: acute injuries to orthopedic problems to neurological and developmental issues as well. All patients that have had the opportunity to use the Wii during their therapy enjoy it. For some it's an opportunity to return to a once loved hobby such as, bowling, tennis, golf, or baseball. Others use it as an opportunity to try something new, and all while naturally working and improving to return to their maximum potential. Best of all most people have a smile on their face during and after treatment!

There are a couple of programs that we use at SSPT currently, but we are looking to add new programs just as soon as they are available. We often use the sports pack to help patients regain their range of motion as you can see in the pictures below. While playing baseball the patient just feels like they are swinging at the ball. However, they are performing lateral and medial rotation of the shoulder while doing the motion. With bowling you perform flexion and extension of the shoulder as well as the elbow, all while improving your hand-eye-coordination. With the Wii fit program balance games, can be utilized allowing you to work on weight shifting and strengthening of your lower extremities. An advantage is that you are able to virtually see your performance on the screen. This is also known as Biofeedback. This allows you to make corrections the next time you have treatment.

One of our commitments at SSPT is the one-on-one attention you will have during your individualized treatment program. This is no different with the Wii. You are guaranteed one-on-one supervision for guiding and assistance with any activity. We have seen great results from patients thus far. Patients love it and it allows them to do something more creative and fun with their therapy. If you would like to see a demo or think that Wii hab is right for you please give us a call at 903-885-9906.

Click here to view a Wii® video.

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